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The 14th International Symposium on NeuroVirology and 2016 Conference on HIV in the Central Nervous System will be held on October 25-28, 2016, at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As in previous years, this meeting will bring together over 300 scientists, clinicians, and trainees working in the areas of neurology, neuropathology, neuropathogenesis, neurobiology, neuroimmunology, neurochemistry, and molecular virology. Please explore the links above to learn more about these meetings.

This year, the 14th Symposium will be held in conjunction with the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) conference titled HIV Endgame: Closing Gaps in the Care Cascade, which will be held on October 24-26 at the same location. Through a special collaboration between the ISNV and The Ontario HIV Treatment Network, the two meetings will overlap on Wednesday, October 26th, providing a full day of presentations and moderated discussions focused on issues important to researchers and clinicians working toward understanding, treating, and preventing HIV-associated disease. For more information about registering for and attending the HIV Endgame Conference, visit the HIV Endgame page on the OHTN website. 

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