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Abstract submission for the 15th International Symposium on NeuroVirology and 24th Scientific Conference of the Society on Neuroimmune Pharmacology is now closed. The contact author of each abstract should have received an email confirming acceptance.

Acceptance and acknowledgement

The contact author of the submitted abstract should have received an email confirming acceptance of the abstract. Please see poster presentation instructions below.

The final decisions regarding selections for oral presentation have been made. Authors of submitted abstracts accepted by the committees to give oral presentations were notified and were provided with additional details about their assigned track, session, and presentation timing.

Poster presentations

All abstracts submitted and accepted for the joint meeting will be presented at the Poster Session to be held during the evening of Thursday, April 12th. Posters should be prepared in landscape orientation and be no wider than 48 inches. Posters should be put up during lunch on April 12th and removed at the end of the session that night, as the boards will be removed from the space that night.

Oral presentations

While most abstracts will be presented in poster form during the poster sessions, a number of abstracts have been selected for delivery as oral presentations during the joint meeting. The number of speakers selected from abstracts will vary by session and track. For example, a session may feature one plenary speaker and three oral presentations selected from the pool of abstracts. Oral presentations will vary in length and include time for questions from meeting attendees. Please note that all abstracts selected for oral presentation must also be presented in the poster session.

Travel grants offered by the ISNV and SNIP

The ISNV and SNIP will each offer a limited number of travel awards for students and postdoctoral fellows to attend and present their abstracts in special sessions. Travel grants will cover the cost of lodging and will help to defray the cost of airfare. Per diem expenses are not included. Trainees will be reimbursed after submission of expenses following the meeting.

To be eligible for a travel grant, students and postdoctoral fellows must meet the following requirements:

  • Membership: Eligible students and postdoctoral fellows must be standing members of the ISNV and/or SNIP. Alternatively, trainees who become members of the ISNV and/or SNIP at the time of meeting registration and abstract submission will also be considered eligible. Trainees will be asked to indicate their interest in being considered for a travel grant at the time of abstract submission. Members of the ISNV can only apply for an ISNV travel grant. Similarly, SNIP members can only apply for a SNIP travel grant. While trainees who are members of both societies can apply for both travel grants, awards will be limited to one travel grant per lab or research group per society. Travel grant requests must be made at the time of abstract submission and therefore must be received by the abstract submission deadline.
  • Presentation: Eligible students and post-doctoral fellows must be presenting authors on accepted abstracts. Abstracts must be submitted for consideration no later than the abstract deadline.
  • Recommendation: All requests for a travel grant must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from their advisor or department chair confirming their status as a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow. Please address the letter to the attention of the "Investigators-in-Training Selection Committee." Letters from trainees affiliated with the ISNV can be sent as an e-mail attachment to Sandy Weiss (mail@isnv.org) in the ISNV Administrative Office or faxed to 215-707-9838. Letters from trainees affiliated with SNIP can be forwarded to Marisela Agudelo (magudelo@fiu.edu). Electronic signatures and scanned copies will be accepted. Trainees who have not confirmed their status by providing a letter from their advisor or department chair will not be eligible to receive a travel grant.
  • Biosketch: All requests for a travel grant must be accompanied by a current NIH biosketch.

Late Breaker Abstracts

Late breaker abstracts will not be solicited or accepted for this meeting.


Abstracts accepted for poster and oral presentations will be featured in joint ISNV/SNIP publication.

For more information...

Requests for additional information may be directed to the ISNV Administrative Office or the SNIP Meeting Committee (marcus.kaul@medsch.ucr.edu).