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The 15th International Symposium on NeuroVirology and 2018 Conference on HIV in the Central Nervous System will be held on April 10-14, 2018, at the Swissotel Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This year, the Symposium will be held jointly with the 24th Scientific Conference of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. This exciting joint meeting will broadly bridge the fields of neurovirology, immunology, and pharmacology. In addition to a schedule that features a wide array of topics in these areas, the meeting will also include sessions that place special emphasis on drugs of abuse and infectious diseases that impact the neuroimmune axis.

Please explore the links above to learn more about the joint meeting. We hope you join us in Chicago next year for what promises to be a highly informative and productive gathering of scientists, clinicians, and trainees!

Local Organizing Committee

Lena Al-Harthi (Co-Chair)

Igor Koralnik (Co-Chair)
Richard Miller
Eileen Martin
Edward Campbell

ISNV Meetings Committee

Lynn Pulliam (Co-Chair)
Brian Wigdahl (Co-Chair)
Jennifer Gordon
Steven Jacobson
Kamel Khalili
Avindra Nath
Sulie Chang Michael Nonnemacher

SNIP Meetings Committee

Marcus Kaul (Chair)

Peter Gaskill (Vice Chair)
T. Celeste Napier

Richard Noel (Past Chair) Marisela Agudelo
Kelly Jordan-Sciutto

Nazira El-Hage
Gretchen Neigh
Italo Mocchetti

Cecilia Marcondes Eliseo Eugenin